Safety Razor & 6 Blades
Safety Razor & 6 Blades
Safety Razor & 6 Blades
Safety Razor & 6 Blades
Safety Razor & 6 Blades
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Safety Razor & 6 Blades

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Switch from disposable plastic razors to a safety razor for a classic wet shave and save the environment at the same time.

How to use:

Unscrew the handle, slide the blade into the holder, screw the handle back in place. Start shaving. The safety razor is weighty so you don't have to exert too much pressure. Simply guide the safety razor along as you shave.

Benefits of using a safety razor:

- A safety razor has a single and effective blade and causes less scraping and irritation to your skin than multiple blade cartridges. 

- Safety razors are easier to clean and you'll have less chances of getting an infection if you accidentally nick yourself while shaving. Multiple razor cartridges tend to trap hair and bacteria which can cause razor burn and make you break out.

- Traditional wet shaving is typically accompanied by nourishing soaps and creams which you whip up into a rich lather. Definitely more beneficial for your skin and better for a closer shave.

Why is the razor so expensive?

After the initial investment in the high-quality stainless steel razor, replacement razor blades are more affordable and cost effective than buying expensive plastic cartridge replacements which dull quickly and require frequent changing. The safety razor is meant to last you a lifetime!

The razor blades should be replaced every week or so, assuming you make 3 passes every saving session; with the grain, across the grain and against the grain.

This set contains 1 safety razor and a set of 6 blades.