Reusable Face Mask // MetaMask Linen
Reusable Face Mask // MetaMask Linen
Reusable Face Mask // MetaMask Linen
Reusable Face Mask // MetaMask Linen
Reusable Face Mask // MetaMask Linen

Reusable Face Mask // MetaMask Linen

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Your sustainable alternative to disposable face masks.

Features & Benefits of a MetaMask:

- Use for up to 200 hours, replacing other disposable masks. 

- Natural, sustainable and organic textiles, suitable for people with chemical sensitivities

- Sleek Italian unisex design

- Soft & comfortable 

- Fully adjustable for a perfect contour fit

- Advanced nano-coco-carbon technology filter from New Zealand

- Captures 99.99% of all pollutants at PM2.5 microns

- Captures up to 97% of pollutants at PM.03 microns

- Innovation-driven products for a sustainable world 

Model: LINEN

MetaMask's most natural fabric suitable for chemically sensitive people, featuring raw (washed) or plant-dyed linen outer with organic bamboo inner lining. Guaranteed non-allergenic, non-irritating and supremely comfortable.

Linen is a natural & luxurious fibre made from flax, requiring no chemicals or harsh processing. Linen keeps you cool in summer and warm in winter, with a natural woven pattern. Every mask is completely hand-crafted and sustainably made in Bali.

Material: 100% Linen / Organic Bamboo
Color: Natural Linen or Black  (If you have a colour preference, please email us at and we will try to fulfil it if stocks are available. Please note that we are running low on stocks and only have a few options remaining.)
Print: Solid
Fit: Adjustable ear loops & chin wrap.


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Why are MetaMasks a sustainable alternative to disposable surgical masks or N95s?

The embedded filter in the MetaMask is effective for up to 200 hours and can be hand-washed lightly and air-dried to refresh its effectiveness. This avoids the need for daily disposable of surgical masks and N95s. In addition, surgical masks are designed to protect the environment and others from the wearer, whereas an air pollution mask should protect the wearer from the environment. In general, surgical masks offer very little protection, if any. If you want maximum protection from air pollution, buy a Metamask.

How do I clean my MetaMask?

Due to the nanotechnology filter embedded in the mask, it is best to ‘dip-wash’ with a drop of natural soap, Tea Tree or Eucalyptus oil, then pat dry and leave in the sun and breeze to air dry. Do not machine wash or dry, as the nanofilter will capture dirt, impurities and minerals in the water and be less effective.

What is the lifecycle of the MetaMask?

The embedded filter in the MetaMask is effective for up to 200 hours (approx 3 months) depending on air conditions. As the nanofilter becomes full of particulates, you will notice more resistance while breathing, which is an indication that you need to replace the mask. Our ‘renewable’ filter MetaMasks are due for release end 2019.

How can I avoid the ear loops bending my ears forward?

Ear loops can be adjusted for a perfect fit by pulling the lower and upper straps through the latex rubber bead to seal the mask on your face and prevent air-leakage. 

Is it normal to feel resistance while breathing through a MetaMask?

Metamasks are highly breathable while capturing most airborne pollutants, however as the nanofilter collects particles there may be some resistance to air-flow over time. If you find breathing through your mask difficult, try lightly hand-washing as described, drying in the sun and breeze, or replace your mask with a new one. 

What makes MetaMasks better than other masks?

MetaMask is the world's only air pollution facemask that combines natural, organic and sustainable textiles with an exclusive nanocococarbon matrix filter for maximum breathability and protection. Other masks are often poorly designed, uncomfortable, ineffective and ugly. MetaMask filters capture 99.99% of toxic airborne pollution including dust, ash, smoke, exhaust, fumes, pollen, molds, bacteria and pathogens. In addition MetaMasks are extremely comfortable and highly fashionable for style-conscious citizens.