500ml Mason Jar
500ml Mason Jar
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500ml Mason Jar

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There are so many uses for mason jars!

In our home, we use them to bring overnight oats or fruits to the office, to make homemade milk kefir (the wide-mouth comes in so handy), to store dry goods, to freeze vegetable scraps to make broth... let your imagination run wild!

Comes with a stainless steel lid which is meant to be reused and will not rust. (Lids which accompany your typical mason jars meant for canning and fermenting are intended only for single-use and will rust with time. Always check these lids as they come into contact with your food.)

Here are some ingredient ideas for your overnight oats, and they can all be found at our local bulk stores. Enjoy!

- cocoa nibs (like chocolate chips, but without the sugar, and so much healthier and crunchier!)

- chia seed

- flax seed meal (ground flax seed)

- goji/hawthorn berries

- pumpkin seeds/pepitas

- sunflower seeds

- dried cranberries

- dried mulberries

- fresh blueberries

- banana