The Metamasks story

The original company OmPureAir was established by Dr Marco Biancardi and Zen Player in Ubud Bali in February 2016. Their initial handmade ‘organic / natural’ facemasks were launched at the popular Bali Spirit Festival and quickly expanded to Ubud retail outlets earning a reputation for being the ‘World’s First Organic Fashion Facemask’.

With Marco managing production and Zen providing branding, packaging, marketing & advertising, the two entrepreneurs worked tirelessly to advance their dream. In those days they used the highest grade anthracite carbon and medically approved anti-pathogen filter layers for best protection.

When Zen returned to New Zealand in late 2016 (where his family resides), he met Iain Hosie, CEO for Revolution Fibres in Auckland. Iain's company had been developing and manufacturing a highly efficient elastomer nanofilter material for home, commercial and medical applications.

Working together over many months, Zen, Iain and the dedicated team at REVO created a unique nano-coco-carbon™ filter that was superior to their previous filter and more advanced than any other mask on the market. MetaMask and REVO continue innovating and advancing their technology, which will feature in new products in 2019.

Impressed with their performance, investors in REVO offered to kick-start production and launch the new MetaMask at Burning Man 2017. The masks were a big hit and protected hundreds of people during dust and sand storms that are common in the desert.

In 2018 MetaMask Ltd established headquarters in New Zealand to prepare for international expansion. Zen Joseph is the CEO, Marco Biancardi is a Founding Director and manages production of MetaMasks in Bali.

The MetaMasks Mission

For millions of people worldwide to enjoy daily protection from toxic air pollution in the most stylish way possible.