Alfya Atelier // A Sewcial Enterprise

The Alfya Atelier Story

Alfya, who is the matriach of the family and the company’s namesake, started her sewing business in the early 1950s. After her husband passed away, the single mother of two began tailoring clothes and selling them to make ends meet. This continued on until her daughters got married and had children of their own. Her granddaughter grew up watching her grandmother sew and tailor clothes and began taking an interest in sewing. After much discussion to expand the family’s business, Alfya’s daughters and granddaughter decided to create Alfya Atelier to spread the love of sewing and crafting and to help people upgrade their skills.

The Alfya Atelier Mission

Alfya Atelier aims to provide classes for people of all ages, gender and walks of life who are passionate about fashion and designing their own creations. With the skill sets acquired, students will be able to create apparels and accessories for themselves, their loved ones and they can also begin their own businesses selling their handmade items.

my little green dot x Alfya Atelier - Our Products

We have collaborated with Alfya Atelier to create a range of products for your zero waste and sustainable lifestyle. All products are designed in-house, tried and tested to ensure that they are functional and of high-quality. 

Alfya Atelia conducts free sewing workshops for their beneficiaries, and they in turn produce our products. When you purchase the products, you generate income for our beneficiaries, and also enable us to expand our program.