Eco-friendly Bathroom Swap

I've been using polyester bath poufs for years, never really giving a second thought to how much plastic waste I was generating. It's recommended that you change bath poufs every 3 months since the humid shower environment is the perfect breeding ground for bacteria, and all the dead skin cells on the bath pouf are practically a heavenly buffet for them!

After I became more conscious about the waste I generate, I've made the switch to solid body soap and a soap bag made of natural fabric (in this case, hemp).

The solid body soap either comes naked (without any packaging) or wrapped in recyclable paper, so I avoid having to buy refills which come in plastic pouches.

The soap bag is woven out of natural fibres, and are environmentally-friendly to create.

I simply pop the bar of soap into the soap pouch and lather up, and scrub my body with the soap in the soap pouch. After I'm done soaping 3/4 of my body, I take the body soap out of the pouch, and continue soaping/scrubbing the rest of the my body.

I don't really know how to describe it, but scrubbing yourself with natural fibres feels like a real treat. It makes me happy to think I'm doing something to love myself and the environment at the same time.

It's really important to keep solid soaps (whether body soaps or solid shampoos) dry after use, so that they don't get soggy and last a whole lot longer. 

Why not try making the switch today? Once you've tried it, I promise you won't want to return to polyester bath poufs and commercial body washes!



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